Certain users have the ability to access the Administration section, from where can be performed the following actions:


Under “Settings” administrators can set some default values for all users, like the default homepage template.

Manage Users

Administrators have the ability to add/edit/delete users. They can also activate/inactivate users and log in with their accounts.


Manage Groups of users


Manage permissions of Roles


Add/Edit projects and determine which users are part of each project.


Add/Edit/Delete trackers and templates for each tracker.


Manage case statuses


Manage the activities on which a user spent time.


Manage relationships between statuses and activities in order to be able to auto log time for users.


Manage case priority list

Froala Templates

Manage custom templates that can be used by the Froala Plugin, which turns Text inputs into a rich editor.

System Templates

This is the area where users can add/edit System templates

User Requests

External users can request access to NeosGoal. All the pending requests can be handled in this area.

Audit Trails

This area shows a list of actions performed by users, like deleting an object, updating an object, etc.

Timelog Change Requests

When a user make a mistake logging his/her time, the user is able to request a change. Changes must be approved by someone with the right permission.