NeosGoal offers the ability to create invoices based on user time logs. Functionalities:

Invoice Profile

This is the first step before creating Invoices. We must have a profile in which we define basic information about who is receiving this invoice, what projects are involved, what users/resources, which users are able to approve the invoice, etc.



The way clients are invoiced is based on the price that a resource have for each project. NeosGoal let’s you configure a price per person/physical resource per project. That said, each user or group of users can have different hourly rate, but we can also add physical resources or services additional to the users costs.


Once Invoice profiles and Resources are created, opening the Profile allows you to associate Resources and Projects.



NeosGoal offers the ability to automatically approve or disapprove invoices, based on some parameters. If the rule applies, someone with the right permission can approve the invoice.

These approvals are triggered when Tier x Exceeded Y amount or is lower than Y amount, or the total is greater or fewer than Y amount.


Review Invoices

Once an invoice is created, a user with permissions can edit this invoice and make the right adjustments before sending it to the client.



Non-billable hours are automatically discounted, but users can add other discounts if necessary.

Request Approval

Sometimes, everything is under the limits set in the “Approvals” section, but a user needs a superior to approve that the invoice is correct and ready to be sent to the client. This is done by clicking on “Edit”. On the top-right corner, there is a button called “Request Approval” in case that the invoice is already approved.