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About NeosGoal

NeosGoal is a project management software to help organizations manage their resources, projects and invoicing. It was born from our team's need for a tool that would do exactly what we needed to do, nothing less or more. We put together years of experience to build a reliable and flexible solution for team's collaboration with customers.


Reasons to start using NeosGoal

Isolated database per client

Collaborate in real time

Manage your clients and resources

Built for flexibility

Data Driven Management

Multi-language support

Security of your data

Easy to integrate through web services


Manage your clients and resources

Provides clear visibility into customer and resources interactions.

Built for flexibility

Customize your system UI or configure any status workflow, from the simplest to the most complex.

Rise above, focus on your data

Customize your reports and take smart decision base on the information you see.

Security is a big deal to us

With NeosGoal your data is safe in our own servers. Furthermore, you are always in control of what and how much information is going to be backed up.

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This is what we are putting on the table


Project Management

Capture, analyze and complete existing projects or new ideas through a standardized workflow. Use a combination of the Gantt chart or build your Kanban board.


Track and monitor project health and financial information.

Time Tracking

Capture project and non billable time spent for payroll, invoicing, and other business purposes.


Aggregate project data to gain insights on your company profit. Build a pivot table to play with your data.

Resource Management

View and compare how resources are used across projects to optimize assignments.

Keep everyone updated

Don't miss one update ever again, we take monitoring very seriously, after all that is why you get a management tool. With our tool you decide how much you want to know.

Enhance your productivity

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